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Independent experts nominated by country party

Daniel Musa Gwary

First name
Daniel Musa
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Environmental Sciences
UN languages spoken


Job function
Senior Lecturer
Department of Crop Protection, Faculty of Agriculture
Telephone number
234 803 690 5775
Work experience
1. Preparation of Drought and Desertification Policy & Drought Preparedness Plan for Nigeria 2005.; Preparation of National Adaption Strategy and Plan of Action_x000D_
2. Establishment of t Woodlo Project in Musaram, Nigeria, for FME &l UNDP 2008_x000D_
3. National Hazardous materials emergency and preparedness Plan for FME &l UNDP 2009 _x000D_
4. Development of Sustainable Land Management Plans For Desertification Control and Climate Change Adaptation In Komadugu Yobe Catchment And Lake Chad Plains 2009_x000D_
5. Integrating Climate Change Risk and Resilience Into Sustainable Management of The Alluvial Plain of Nakaye Community, Katsina State, for FME and UNDP 2011_x000D_
6. AIACC/GEF: Climate variability & change and food security in sub-Saharan West Africa Project AF 23. 2002-2004. On- going: Land Management Studies for CILSS/ECOWAS- Nig_x000D_
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
BSc in Agriculture, University of Maiduguri, 1982_x000D_
MSc. in Crop Protectio, University of Wales, Bangor, UK, 1988_x000D_
PhDin Plant Pathology, University of Wales, Bangor, UK, 1988
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Ekanem, E.; GWARY, D.M. and Gwary, M. M. (2012). Impact of drought and desertification on Damasak community of Lake Chad Basin area of Borno State. Paper Presented at Alexander Von Humbolt Kolleg International Conference on the theme “The Socio-economic Sustainabilty of livelihood in the Lake Chad Basin” held in DRACC, Lugbe, Abuja, Nigeria 11-13th December, 2012_x000D_
2. Olokesusi, F. and Gwary, D. (2010). Environment and Sustainable Development. In: Nigeria at 50 edited by Akande S. O. and A. J. Kumuyi A Publication of Nigerian Institute and Economic Research (NISER) Ibadan, NIGERIA
3. Gwary, D. M.; Bdliya B. S. and Bdliya J. A. (2009). Appraisal of yield losses in pearl millet due to downy mildew pathogen (Sclerospora graminicola) in Nigerian Sudan Savanna. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 42 (11):1001-1009_x000D_
4 Smith, P.; Martino, D.; Cai, Z.; GWARY, D.; Janzen, H.; Kumar, P.; McCarl, B.; Ogle, S.; O’Mara, F.; Rice, C. Scholes, B.; Sirotenko, O.; Howden, M.; McAllister, T.; Pan, G.; Romanenkov, V.; Schneider, U. and Towprayoon, S. (2007). Green house gas mitigation in Agriculture. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 2184: 1-25_x000D_
5. GWARY, D.M. Rabo, T.D. and Anaso, A.B. (2003). The Development of anthracnose phases on sorghum genotypes in Sudan Savanna of Nigeria. Journal of Plant Disease and Protection 111:96-103
Other activities
1. Nigerian Society for Plant Protection_x000D_
2. Member, Nigerian Negotiator to the UNFCCC _x000D_
3. Member, Board of Trustees of Nigerian Environmental Study Action Team (NEST)_x000D_
4. Lead Author on United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Publication Titled “Climate Change And Sustainable Development’: A Guide Book 2011 _x000D_
5. West African Farming Systems Research Network
1. Royal Society of London Research Fellowship Award 1996-1997_x000D_
2 United States Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship Award 2005/2006_x000D_
3. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2007 [IPCC Team Member] for contribution to awareness on Global Climate Change, IPCC Lead Author (AR3 & AR4)
Organisation name
University of Maiduguri
Organisation street address
P.M.B, 1069, MAIDUGURI, 1069
Organisation city
Organisation country