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Elena Maria Abraham

First name
Elena Maria
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
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Job function
CONICETs Researcher Soil Science Prog..
Telephone number
54 61 280080/287995
Work experience
Leader of interdisciplinary research and developing projects in the following areas: environment regional planning and natural resource development, desertification research and arid land management and conservation, Applied Geoecology and Geomorphology (mining, oil and urban settlements). All Projects imply work and experiences on the field. These projects have been supported by CONICET (Argentina), CONACYT (Mexico), UNEP, The United Nations University, Mendoza province Government ( Argentina) and, Andalucia Government Council (1985 to date)
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Full Academic Degree in Geography. Specialization in Arid Land Management, University of Cuyo. Department of Philosophy. Graduated in 1978.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Abraham, E.M., Garleff, K., Schabitz, F. and Seemann, 1985. Untersuchungen zur vorseitlichen Bodenerosion mi Binzugsgebiet des Ellernbaches ostlich Bamberg G. Bericht Naturforshende gesellschaft, LX: 173-190, Univ. of Bamberg, Bamberg._x000D_
2. Abraham, E.M. and Prieto, M. del R., 1991. Contributions of historical geography to the study of processes of landscape change. The case of Guanacache, Mendoza, Argentina Bamberger Geographische Schriften, Heft 11, S. 309-336, Bamberg._x000D_
3. Kharin, N.G. and Abraham, E.M. 1992. Comparative analysis of the desertification assessment methodology used in the URSS, Argentina. Problems of Desert Development 3, Turkmenian Academy of Sciences, Ashkabad, 47:54._x000D_
4. Prieto, M. del R. and E.M. Abraham, Historia ambiental del sur de Mendoza (siglos XVI al XIX) Los factores criticos de un Proceso de desertificacion. Bamberger Geographische Scriften, Vol. 15, 134-160, Bamberg._x000D_
5. Abraham, E.M. 1995. Metodologia para el estudio integrado de los proc
Other activities
1. Associate Researcher of the National Scientific and Technological Research Council (CONICET), developing activities as staff member of the Argentina Institute for Arid Land Research (IADIZA), 1987 to date._x000D_
2. Director of Latin America and The Caribbean Course on Assessment and Control of Desertification, Sponsored by UNEP and UNEP/FAO, 1987-1993._x000D_
3. Technical Coordinator of the Academic Advising Committee for Nacunan Biosphere Reserve. MAB Program, UNESCO 1987-1993._x000D_
4. Regional facilitator at the National Action Plan to Combat Desertification for the Argentine Central-Western Region. Natural Resource and Sustainable Development Secretariat, President's Office. Under sponsorship of FAO, UNEP, UNDP and Temporary Secretariat of the Desertification Convention. 1996 to date.
First Award on Urban Planning and Design of the III Argentine Biannual Meeting on Urbanism. Lujan, Buenos Aires province, 1994. Project presented: Environmental Management and Planning of the Mendoza City Western Piedmont - Award to Scientific Producti
Organisation name
Instituto Argentino de Investigaciones de las Zonas √Āridas
Organisation street address
Adrian Ruiz Leal s/n. Parque General Sna Martin_x000D_
Casilla de Correo, 507, 5500
Organisation city
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