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Independent experts nominated by country party

Eltegani Mohamed Salih Abdelkarim

First name
Eltegani Mohamed
Last name
Salih Abdelkarim
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Soil Science
UN languages spoken




Geographical Focus
Job function
Coordinator of Training and programmes unit
Desertification and Desert Cultivation Studies Centre
Telephone number
Work experience
Member of Technology Committee for Elnuhud Cooperative credit project and it’s Environmental impact. Member of the steering Committee for drought Recovery and Food Security projects in North Kordufan and North Darfur, Sudan. Supervised the formulation of the Guide lines of the National plan to combat Drought and Desertification in Sudan. Management of small Farms and utilization of soils and water for Agricultural production. Lecturer on soil science and Desertification high lighting the protective measures to halt desert encroachment and to combat desertification. Participated in Expents groups meetings of UNEP., SSO and African Experts Regional intergovernmental meeting supervised by OAU. Participated and Contributed to all 9 sessions of, INCD during the preparation and formulation of UNCCD, also in the African Focal points meeting, Mauritania. National consultant, member of the team for preparation of Sudan National Action Programme (SNAP), UNDP/UNSO also team leader for preparation of state Action programe (SAP) for UNCCD.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
BSc., MSc., Agriculture, Soil Science, P. Lumumba, Friendship University, 1973. PhD, Soil Science, P. Lumumba, Friendship University, 1982.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1.Zonn, S.V. Eltigani, M. Salih, 1983, Soil Genesis and Geography in Eastern Sudan. J. Poshroredenia, vol.4, Moscow. _x000D_
2. _Sudan 5- Year programme to combat Desertification, NDDu, Prepared for INCD, 1993._x000D_
3. Eltegani M. Salih, 1994, Sudan National Case study on drought and desertification. (Circulated by INCD, in the 4th Session, Geneva)._x000D_
4. Co-author, 1992, Desertification and Mapping Methodology in Sudan, NDDU, Min. of Agriculture and natural Resources._x000D_
Eltigani M. Salih, 1995, The Geographical Extent of Desertification in Sudan, Albuhuth, Scientific J. vol. 5 (1), 1996, National centre for Research, 2nd Scientific conference Khartoum, Sudan.
Other activities
1. Sudanese Environment Conservation Society. _x000D_
2. Sudanese Soil Science Society._x000D_
3. Agriculturists Union._x000D_
4.Green Crescent Society.
Organisation name
University of Khartoum
Organisation street address
Desertification and Desert Cultivation Studies centre, Fac. Of Agric. University of Khartoum.
Organisation city
Organisation country