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Independent experts nominated by country party

Hussain Bux Kolachi

First name
Hussain Bux
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Medical Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Assistant Professor
Community Medicine
Telephone number
92 2233 771240 (771547 Res)
Work experience
I started my NGO work from Goth Sudhar Sangat in 1982 and was Founding General Secretary till 1988 - I led village reformation and self help campaign in 500 villages of Sindh. Schools, libraries, development seminars and health camps were established._x000D_
I continued my work in Tharparkar Desert since 1985 and became founding member of Baahn Beli (Friends for Ever) Development NGO who worked in Thar and Than, became consultant and project Director from 1996-97 (April). I am a focal point for NGO Commission on Water Logging and Salinity Check in Mirpurkhas. Old researcher and rural desert development worker, Public Health is my academic qualification and I am Medical Teacher and University Examiner, mostly desert and arid background keeping students are under my teaching. I am associated with SCOPE and RIOD.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
MBBS, M. Phil Community Medicine (Punjab University, LL.B.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Primary Health Gare - A Sindh Village Experience - Pakistan Paediatric Journal 1986-July._x000D_
2. Tando Kolachi - Country Presentation in RIOD Asia - 1995 - Islamabad - Scope - Publication Report 1996._x000D_
3. Sehrae Thar Kay Masail Aur Traqi - Dail Jang Article 1985._x000D_
4. Health in Thar Desert - Sindhi Book Thar by Abdul Qadir Mangi 1985._x000D_
5. NGOs in Rural Development - Soohon - SWCO - Thatta Sindh, 1996._x000D_
6. Tando Kolachi - Country Presentation in RIOD - Asia - 1995, Islamabad._x000D_
7. SCOPE - Publication Report - 1996 - Sehrae Thar Kay Maseil Aur Traqi - Daily Jang Article - 1985._x000D_
8. Health in Thar Desert - Sindhi Book Thar - By Abdul Qadir Mangi, 1995._x000D_
9. NGOs in Rural Development - Soohon Rasala - SIKPREET (SRWCO) Thatta, 1996.
Other activities
1. Women in rural development._x000D_
2. Snake Bite Control (Research Project under PMRC)._x000D_
3. Community development, and Government Cooperation._x000D_
4. Self help and poverty alleviation._x000D_
5. Combating Desertification and Resource Person in RIOD-Asia-CDD-Promoter in Pakistan.
1. Gold Medal by Sindh Graduates Association 111984 - Best Rural Development in Sindh._x000D_
2. Gold Medal Junior Research Award by Pakistan Academy of Medical Sciences - based in USA - Pakistan 1988._x000D_
3. Wage-Health Award 1996, Karachi._x000D_
Development and de
Organisation name
Liaquat Medical College Jamshore
Organisation street address
Via Jhude District, Mirpurkhas, P.O. Tande Kolachi
Organisation city
Organisation country