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Independent experts nominated by country party

Ibrahim Ibrahim

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
UN languages spoken



Geographical Focus
Job function
Desertification And Desert Cultivation studies centre
Telephone number
Work experience
Member of an adhoc committee which executed the studies on settlement in Shendi area Sudan (1982)._x000D_
Participation in the survey, classification and land evaluation of 4-different areas proposed for exploitation for Agric production, Libya 1986-1980?._x000D_
Reconnaissance survey of the area south of Khartoum._x000D_
Member of an adhoc committee that compiled and published land use map of Khartoum state. _x000D_
Head ofmany teams that executed soil survey and evaluation of agric projects in the Sudan. _x000D_
Adrise in fertility status and land use of afarms in Khartoum state
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
D.Phil. (soil survey).University of Oxford, MSc (Boil genesis) Univ. of Khartoum; Fac. Of Agric 1976. BSc Soil Science 1972.
Publication titles
1. Ibrahim, 1.5 and M.A.E Haddad 1990. Laboratory Exercises in soil Fertility (Translation). University of Omer Elmukhtar Publications, Libya._x000D_
2. Elmahi, Y. E, LS. Ibrahim; H.M. Abdel Magid and A. M. A. Eltilib (1987). A simple method for the estimation of calcium carbonate in soils Soil Science society of America Journal 51: 1152-1155. __x000D_
3. Ibrahim, 1.5. (1998) Technology and Methodology used in redamation of sandy soils in the Arab countries. Regional workshop on research projects as workplans used in the redan of science soils in Arab countries, 28-30th Nov 1998. Abu Dabi United Arab Emairates. _x000D_
4. Ibrahim, 1. S. (1997). The role of Desertification and Desert cultivation study center in combating desertification, National workshop on Rehabilitation of wheal in Northern state, Sudan._x000D_
5. Eldoumi, F.M.; Y E . Elmahi; Ibrahim, 1.s and G.A. ELHassan (1996). Semi-arid lands and deserts (Translation). University of Omer El mukhtar publications. Libya
Other activities
1. International society of soil science (ISSS) _x000D_
2. Oxford Society (Os). _x000D_
3. Sudanese Agricultural Association (SAA). _x000D_
4. Sudanese Society of soil Science (SSSS). _x000D_
5. Editer in journal of (SSSS).
Organisation name
University of Khartoum
Organisation street address
Fac. Of Agriculture. Shambat
Organisation city
Khartoum North
Organisation country