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Independent experts nominated by country party

Ismail Belen

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Soil Degradation
Land Use Planning
Thematic Areas
Policy analysis
UN languages spoken


Job function
Deputy Director General
General Directorate of Combating to Desertification and Erosion, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs
Email ;
Telephone number
0090 312 207 57 09
Work experience
?Deputy Director General, General Directorate of Combating to Desertification and Erosioni, Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs, Republic of Turkey, from 2011 to date, _x000D_
?Deputy Director General, General Directorate of Forestsii, Ministry of Environment and Forests, 2007-2011 _x000D_
?Chief of the Cabinet to the Minister, Ministry of Environment and Forests, 2005-2007, _x000D_
?Head of the Department of Planning and Coordination, General Directorate of Afforestation and Erosion Control, Ministry of Forests, 2003-2005, _x000D_
?Division Director at the Research Planning and Coordination Department, General Directorate of Forestry, Ministry of Forests, 2002-2003 _x000D_
?Engineer, 1999-2001 _x000D_
?Forest Ranger at the Field, 1992-1998 _x000D_
Thematic areas: Desertification , Policy analysis ,Afforestation
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- Special Program for Senior Managers in Government- Harvard University, Harvard Kennedy Scholl Executive Educationiii, 21 July-9 August 2013_x000D_
- Doctorate- 2012, Going on, Institute of Public Administration for Turkey and Middle Eastiv, Master’s Degree on Public Management- 2006-2010, Institute of Public Administration for Turkey and Middle East_x000D_
- ? Master’s Degree on Forestry, 1996-2001, The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences of Karadeniz Technical Universityvi
Other activities
- President of the Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions (Silva Mediterranea) (2012-2016) _x000D_
- Member of Advisory Committee of FORESTERRAxi Project (2012-2015) _x000D_
- Member of “Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Legally Binding Agreement on Forests in Europe”, 2011 _x000D_
- Vice Chair of the European Forestry Commission, 2010-2011 _x000D_
- Member of the Steering Committee of European Forestry Commission Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watershedsxii _x000D_
- Chair of the steering committee of “Capacity Building in Sustainable Forest Management Planning and Forest Fire Management in Syriaxiii” Project, 2010-2011 _x000D_
- Member of the “Regional project” entitled “Adapting Forest Policy Conditions to Climate Change in the Mena Regionxiv” (Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey), 2009-2011. _x000D_
- Member of The Middle East Watershed Monitoring and Evaluation Projectxv, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Turkey and the United States,2004
Organisation name
Ankara University
Organisation street address
Orman ve Su Isleri Bakanligi, Sögütözü Cad. No:14/E
Organisation city
Organisation country