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Independent experts nominated by country party

Kazi Suleman Memon

First name
Kazi Suleman
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
UN languages spoken


Job function
Professor and Chairman
Department of Soil Science
Telephone number
92 2233 5433
Work experience
1. Principal Investigator, Micronutrient Research Project, July 1984-June 1990._x000D_
2. Principal Investigator, Irrigation Systems Management Research Project - of USAID, July 1986 to Sept. 1988._x000D_
3. Principal Investigator/Program Leader, Farming Systems Research Program, Sindh, funded by USAID - May 1987 to Sept. 1988._x000D_
4. Principal Investigator, "Integrated Plant-Nutrition Systems Trials" of FAO in collaboration with National Fertilizer Development Center, Islamabad, July 1991 to June 1994.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph.D. in Soil Science, University of Hawaii, USA, 1982._x000D_
Post Doc. at Texas A & M Univ., USA (1991-92).
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Rashid, A. and JK.S. Memon, 1996. Soil Science, 598 pages, published by National Book Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan (A Text Book of Soil Science)._x000D_
2. Memon, K.S., A. Rashid and H.K. Puno, 1992. Phosphorus deficiency diagnosis and P soil test calibration in Pakistan. Trop. Soils Bulletin 92-01, pp. 125-147._x000D_
3. Memon, K.S., H.K. Puno and R.L. Fox, 1991. Phosphate sorption approach for determining phosphorus requirements of wheat in calcareous soils. Fert. Research 28:67-72._x000D_
4. McLaughlin, M.J., K.A. Malik, K.S. Memon and M. Idris, 1990. The role of P for nitrogen fixation in upland crops pp. 295-305. Proc. Symp. on "Phosphorus requirements for sustainable agriculture in Asia and Oceanic IRRI", Philippines._x000D_
5. Memon, K.S., and R.L. Fox. Utility of phosphate sorption curves in estimating P requirements of cereal crops. I. Wheat. Boc. Third Int. Cong. on P. compounds, Belgium, pp. 217-230.
Other activities
1. Organized and participated in a number of workshops/seminars (more than 2 dozens) relevant to soil science and other fields._x000D_
2. Produced one Ph.D. in soil science._x000D_
3. Editor, Pakistan Journal of Soil Science (1985-86), Journal of Irrigation and Drainage (1991 to date)._x000D_
4. Member, Technical Committee on Agriculture, Pakistan Science Foundation._x000D_
5. Member, Soil Science Society of Pakistan.
1. Awarded East-West Centre Scholarship for Ph.D. and Fulbright Fellowship for Post-Doc. at Texas A & M Univ., USA._x000D_
2. Team Award of the East-West Centre, USA, for year 1980. _x000D_
3. Certificate of Appreciation for Organizing a National Training Workshop
Organisation name
Sindh Agriculture University
Organisation city
Organisation country