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Independent experts nominated by country party

Kjeld Rasmussen

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Agricultural Sciences
UN languages spoken



Job function
Associate Professor
Institute of Geography
Telephone number
45 1 3532 2563
Work experience
Selected scientific projects:_x000D_
a) 1986-90: Use of remote sensing for studies of land use/cover and desertification in northern Burkina Faso. Part of the EU-project 'Caracterisation par les Techniques de Téledétection de la Dynamique de la Désertification dans la Péripherie Sud du Sahara'_x000D_
b) 1987: Responsible for the collaboration between the Institute of Geography and 'centre de Suivi Écologiqué, Dakar, Senegal, conc. Development of methodologies for monitoring of natural vegetation, crops, agro-meteorological parameters and fires by remote sensing._x000D_
c) 1994-99: Participation in the 'Sahel-Sudan Environmental Research Initiative' (SEREIN), with responsibility for a sub-project on remote sensing applications in land use/cover mapping and monitoring of desertification_x000D_
d) 1994: Collaboration with scientists from CSE, Senegal, on ecological modelling of grazing systems in northern Senegal_x000D_
e) 1996: Project coordinator: Framework project 'Fire in Tropical Ecosystems'_x000D_
f) 1996: Project coo
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
M.Sc., Geophysics, University of Copenhagen_x000D_
Ph.D.., Geography, University of Copenhagen
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Rasmussen, K. & Reenberg, A., (1992): Satellite Remote Sensing of Land-use in Northern Burkina Faso - the case of Kolel Village. Danish Journal of Geography 92: 86-93_x000D_
2. Rasmussen, K., (1998): Land degradation? In Reenberg, A., Nielsen, I., & Secher Marcussen, H.: The Sahel - Sahelian Perspectives - Myths and Realities. Proc. 10th Danish Sahel Workshop, 5-7 Jan. 1998. SEREIN Occasional Paper 6, Copenhagen_x000D_
3. Rasmussen, K., Ka, A., Fensholt, R. & Adriansen, H. (1999): Grazing gradients around deep boreholes in the Ferlo of Senegal. Proceedings VI Int. Rangeland Congress: 769-770_x000D_
4. Rasmussen, K., (1999): Land degradation in the Sahel-Sudan. The Conceptual basis. Danish Journal of Geography, Special Issue, No. 2: 151-159_x000D_
5. Rasmussen, K., Fog, B. & Madsen, J., (submitted): desertification in reverse? Observations from northern Burkina Faso. Global Environmental Change.
Organisation name
University of Copenhagen
Organisation street address
Oster Volgade 10,, DK-1350K
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