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Independent experts nominated by country party

Leonid Protsenko

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Environmental Management
UN languages spoken



Job function
Telephone number
0038 050 3867733/00380442724410
Work experience
Project manager for GEF/UNEP Project “Development and Alignment of National Action Programme to the UNCCD 10 Years Strategy and Preparation of the Fifth Reporting and Review process”, Director of PIU for 5 GEF/World Bank’s projects on biodiversity conservation, enabling Activity, etc. Team Leader of four Council of Europe/EU Projects on setting-up Emerald Network, Project Manager and Key Expert of numerous projects of Wetlands International, WWF, KfW, MATRA Foundation (Dutch Government), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, expert for COWI a/s (Denmark), Euroconsulting Ltd, Altenburg & Wymenga ECOLOGICAL CONSULTANTS, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, etc (about of 50 projects). UNCCD reporting, Strategy indicators, Project management, Environmental Legislation, Environmental Protection, etc.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Ph.D in natural sciences, MBA
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Protsenko, L.D (Ed.) Emerald Network in Ukraine/ – Kiev.: Khimdjest, 2011.– 192 p. (in Ukrainian); 2. Deodatus, F.; Protsenko , L. (Eds.). Creation of ecological corridors in Ukraine. A manual on stakeholder involvement and landscape-ecological modelling to connect protected areas, based on a pilot in the Carpathians. Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine, Kiev. Raduha, Ukraine, 2010. -160p. (in English and Ukrainian); 3. Protsenko, L.D. (Ed.) Ecological Network of Azov-Black Sea Nature Corridor, / – Kiev.: Khimdjest, 2012.– 60 p. (in Ukrainian); 4. Protsenko, L; Marchenko, V. Briquettes from the reed. Agroexpert, 2010, 3(20), 100-103. (in Ukrainian)
Other activities
Expert of Council of Europe,Member of National Committee on Conservation, Sustainable Use and Rehabilitation of Wetlands in Ukraine
Organisation name
NGO InterEcoCentre
Organisation city
Organisation country