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Marcello Vitale

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Environmental Sciences
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
South Africa
Job function
Scientific Researcher
Head of Environmental Modelling Lab, Sapienza University of Rome
Telephone number
0039 06 49912901
Work experience
Socotra Archipelago (Yemen). Two projects funded by UNDP (Sustainable development and biodiversity conservation of Socotra Archipelago (Yemen) - 2008- 2010) and Italian Foreign Ministry (Institutional capacity building, sustainable development and biodiversity conservation in Socotra Archipelago (Yemen) - 2009-2011) as Ecologist for the Italian Cooperation project (statistical analyses of vegetation data and distribution modelling)._x000D_
IUCN Water resources management and biodiversity conservation in trans-frontier protected areas of Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa - 2010-2012. Ecologist expert (statistical analyses of environmental data and primary productivity assessed by satellite data and process-based models related to the local management of natural resources). _x000D_
UNCCD and Italian Foreign Ministry. Special Initiative for Africa, 12 months 2013. Ecologist expert (statistical analyses of environmental data, aridity indices, and primary productivity assessed by satellite data and process-based models related to the ongoing desertification dynamics and local management of natural resources and social activities)._x000D_
Geographical areas of experience: Italy, Spain, France, Albania, Yemen, South Africa, ozambique
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- M. Sc. Degree in Biology cum Laude, Sapienza University of Rome, 1993_x000D_
- Research Scientist in Plant Ecology at the University of Molise, Isernia (Italy), 1997_x000D_
- Research Scientist in Ecology at the Sapienza University of Rome, 2001
Publication titles
1. Fares S., Vargas R., Detto M., Goldstein A. H., Karlik J., Paoletti E., Vitale, M. 2013. Tropospheric ozone reduces carbon assimilation in trees: estimates from analysis of continuous flux measurements. Global Change Biology. doi: 10.1111/gcb.12222 ; _x000D_
2. Vitale M., Mancini M., Matteucci G., Francesconi F., Valenti R., Attorre F. 2012. Model-based assessment of ecological adaptations of three forest tree species growing in Italy and impact on carbon and water balance at national scale under current and future climate scenarios. iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry 5 (5): 235-246; _x000D_
3. Manes F., Incerti G., Salvatori E., Vitale M., Ricotta C., Costanza R., 2011. Urban ecosystem services: tree diversity and stability of tropospheric ozone removal. Ecological Applications 22 (1), 349-360 [doi:10.1890/11-0561.1; _x000D_
4. Ferretti M., Fagnano M., Amoriello T., Badiani M., Ballarin-Denti A., Buffoni A., Bussotti F., Castagna A., Cieslik S., Costantini A., De Marco A., Gerosa G., Lorenzini G., Manes F., Merola G., Nali C., Paoletti E., Petriccione B., Racalbuto S., Rana G., Ranieri A., Tagliaferri A. Vialetto G., Vitale M., 2007. Measuring, modelling and testing ozone exposure, flux and effects on vegetation in southern European conditions - what does not work. A review from Italy. Environmental Pollution 146(3): 648-658; _x000D_
5. Vitale M., Anselmi S., Salvatori E., Manes F., 2007. New approaches to study the relationship between stomatal conductance and environmental factors under Mediterranean climatic conditions. Atmospheric Environment, 41: 5385-5397.
Other activities
1. Since 1997 he is member of the Working Group of UN / ECE ICP Vegetation_x000D_
2. Since 2011 he is member of the Working Group of UN / ECE ICP Modelling and Mapping._x000D_
3. Since 2012 he is a member of the Working Group of UN / ECE ICP Forest._x000D_
4. Since 1997 he is member of the Working Group of Ecology within the Italian Botanical Society._x000D_
5. Since 2000 he is member of the Italian Society of Ecology.
Organisation name
Universita di Roma TRE
Organisation street address
Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 –, 00185
Organisation city
Organisation country