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Independent experts nominated by country party

Marco Francesco Falcetta

First name
Marco Francesco
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Land Use Planning
Information Systems
UN languages spoken



Geographical Focus
South Africa
Job function
PROGES Consulting
Telephone number
0039 338 2903432
Work experience
I hold a PhD in modeling of complex systems, and I have 20 years inter-sector professional experience. I am an excellent team worker and team builder, and I have been working in the last 15 years almost exclusively in international and multi-cultural environments. I also have both a high-level professional experience and an outstanding theoretical knowledge of information technology tools, including database design and computer programming. Key areas of my expertise and professional experience are outlined here below, while the related full-details log is provided in section Professional experience of the annexed CV._x000D_
Integrated Spatial Planning: _x000D_
In executing its projects on the various disciplines listed, I have had the chance to work, either separately or simultaneously, on a wide-range of THEMATIC SECTORS, including: invasive alien plant; watershed services; management of ecological fires management; job creation; biodiversity monitoring & conservation; wildlife management; human-wildlife conflicts; water management; tourism development; livestock; agriculture; forest management & timber and non timber forest products; artisanal mining; community development; public health; eco-toxicology; Integrated Solid Waste Management; port infrastructure
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
- Ph.D. in modelling of complex systems (design, development and real-case testing of a software package for transient simulation of energy systems, University of Roma 1 _x000D_
- Italian Society of Engineers – Roma, Italy: October 1994_x000D_
- Qualification for professional and consultancy activity_x000D_
- M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
Publication titles
1. A. Guillet, L. Malatesta, M.F. Falcetta, F. Attorre (2012), Systemic Spatial Decision Support Systems: An integrated, computer-aided tool for biodiversity conservation. Plant Biosystems - An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant Biology: Official Journal of the Societa Botanica Italiana, 146:4, 814-826;_x000D_
2. M. F. Falcetta, A. Guillet, M. Paolini (2007), Systemic Spatial Decision Support System: integrating environmental conservation and socio-economic development through a computer aided, modular approach in support of systemic land management. “The International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) 9th Conference, New Delhi;_x000D_
3. C. Carugati, M. F. Falcetta, R. Odongo (2003), Modelling systemic DSS for conservation and development: analysis and replicability of the Turkana case. “IUCN World Conservation congress – Knowledge Market Place, Bangkok”; _x000D_
4. M.F. Falcetta, E. Sciubba (1999), Exergy based analysis of the start-up transient of a combined cycle plant. Entropie n° 220/21: 62-69; _x000D_
5. M. F. Falcetta, E. Sciubba (1999), Transient simulation of a real Multi Stage Flashing desalination process. Desalination n° 122: 263-269.
Other activities
2004 – 2008: member of the Commission on Ecosystem Management of International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Thematic area of contribution: ecosystem management tools
Organisation name
Universita di Roma TRE
Organisation street address
Via V. Tangorra ,8 - 00191
Organisation city
Organisation country