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Independent experts nominated by country party

Marijana Kapovic-Solomun

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Soil Science
Environmental Sciences
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Job function
Faculty of Forestry
Telephone number
00387 51 464628
Work experience
In the previous period I have participated in 6 projects as coordinator-expert and 15 as an expert for soil. Some of them were related to soil productivity and soils in general under different types of forests, and other was focused on soil reclamation and remediation after mining, clear cutting etc. During my residence as JFDP scholar at University of Missouri, (Dr Rose_Marie Muzika mentor), I participated in projects related to Soil erosion and Conservation (modern techniques and methods for soil conservation, riparian buffers, soil nutrients ect.). Every project included field work specifically some practical problems where I gain necessary knowledge about degraded soils (analysis of environmental conditions, physical and chemical properties of soil, soil vulnerability of erosion, erosion, degradation, reclamation, remediation, forestry, biodiversity, forestry etc.). Some of projects had very expressed gender-sensitive approaches because focus groups were women and rural population (projects were implemented by NGO Mother Nature where I am Founder and President).
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
PhD in Soil sciences, University of Belgrade, 2013
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Kapovic, M., Tošic, R., Kneževic, M., Lovric, N. (2013): Assesment of soil properties under degraded forests - Case study: Javor mountain - Republic of Srpska, Archives of Biological Sciences, Vol. 65, 2 (2013), Belgrade._x000D_
2. Šumatic, N., Hrkic Ilic, Z., Kapovic, M. (2013): Cadmium and nickel in several medicinal plants on serpentine soils in the western part of Republic of Srpska. Proceedings of “XXI International Scientific and professional Meeting “ECOLOGICAL TRUTH” ECO-IST’ 13, Bor, Srbija, pp:673-678._x000D_
3. Kapovic-Solomun, M., Šumatic, N., Hrkic-Ilic, Z. (2013): Podzols and their flora in the east part of the Republic of Srpska, Proceedings of "The 1st International Congress on Soil Science", Belgrade 23-26 September 2013, Serbia. pages: 115-126. ISBN: 978-86-911273-4-3_x000D_
4. Tošic, R., Kapovic-Solomun, M., Lovric, N., Dragicevic, S. (2013): Assessment of Soil erosion potential using RUSLE and GIS: a Case study of Bosnia and Herzegovina" Fresenius Environmental Bulletin Vol. 22; No. 12 (2013)._x000D_
5. Eremija, S., Kneževic, M., Kapovic-Solomun, M. (2014): Soils of the mycological reserve on Lisina Mountain in the Republic of Srpska, Archives of Biological Sciences Belgrade Vol. 66, 1.
Other activities
1.Expert leader of one subgroup for „Support for Bosnia and Herzegovina for National Action Programs development according to 10 years Strategy of United Nations Convention against desertification (UNCCD)” Global Environment Facility – GEF) and United Nations Environmental Programme – UNEP;_x000D_
2.Junior Faculty Development Program Alumni for spring semester 2012, at Department of Forestry, School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri, USA. Professional and academic development was referred to Soil erosion and conservation;_x000D_
3.Member of “Association of Soil scientists of Bosnia and Herzegovina”;_x000D_
4.Member of “US Alumni Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina”;_x000D_
5.Member of “Soil and Water Conservation Society”, USA (2012-2013),
1.Chair of Department of Ecology, University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Forestry _x000D_
2.Winner of “Muniment from Sokolac Municipality” for contribution for economic and rural development (2013)_x000D_
3.Winner of Gold Plaquete from University of Banja Luka as best graduated student of generation (2006)
Organisation name
University of Banja Luka
Organisation street address
Stepe Stepanovica 75a
Organisation city
Banja Luka
Organisation country
Bosnia and Herzegovina