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Independent experts nominated by country party

Mirjana Milicevic

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Environmental Sciences
Soil Science
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Job function
Assistant Professor
Head of Department of Geography, Tourism and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Science and Education,University of Mostar
Telephone number
00387 63 316542
Work experience
I have participated as a lecturer and expert in the development of two projects of international character. I was a member of the working group in four projects responsible for geoecology and sustainable environmental management. I worked on connecting protected areas in the wider region where we can apply the principle of sustainable development with an emphasis on the preservation of landscape and biological diversity in exploiting tourism potential of protected areas. During my study at the University of Zagreb, I worked on the study of conservation and sustainable development geoecological sensitive karst areas in the Dinarides (eg Dalmatian coast). Research has continued in the area of Dinarides (Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro). Each project includes field research, monitoring certain processes (erosion, degradation, corrosion), analysis, workshops, etc.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
PhD in Geography, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 2013
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1.Milicevic, M., 2008: Comparative advantages for development of tourism in Herzegovina: II. Congres of geography BiH: collection of articles (ed. Spahic, M.) GDFBiH, 239-249, Sarajevo._x000D_
2.Musa, S., Milicevic, M., 2009: Rural areas as geoecological resources and factor of sustainable development BiH: Rural areas of SE Europe between localization and globalization (ed. Musa, S.), Herzegovina Geographical Society, 135-151, Mostar. _x000D_
3.Milicevic, M., 2010: Characteristics and regionalization of relief on the Bosnia and Herzegovina area, Motrišta No. 55, Matica hrvatska, Mostar._x000D_
4.Stiperski, Z., Lorber, L., Heršak, E., Ptacek, P., Górka, Z. Kolos, A., Loncar, J., Faricic, J., Milicevic, M., Vujakovic, A. & Hruška, A., 2011: Identity through Urban Nomenclature: Eight Central European Cities, Geografisk Tidsskrift – Danish Journal of Geography, 111(2): 181-194, Copenhagen._x000D_
5.Milicevic, M., Prskalo, M., 2013: The impact of glaciation on the morphology of Cvrsnica's carbonated rock complex peak: Herzegovina-land of stone: collection of articles (ed. Prskalo, M.), Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Mostar, 106-119, Mostar.
Other activities
1.Member of „Support for Bosnia and Herzegovina for National Action Programs development according to 10 years Strategy of United Nations Convention against desertification (UNCCD)” group, Global Environment Facility - GEF and United Nations Environmental Programme – UNEP;_x000D_
2.Member of “IPA Cross-Border Cooperation BIH-MNE Programme 2013“ group; project „South Dinarides Tourism Potential Startegy Eco and Cultural Tourism in South Dinarides“;_x000D_
3.Member of Scientific Research Council of “Institute for Tourism and Environment”;_x000D_
4.Member of “Croatian Geographical Society”;_x000D_
5.Member of “Herzegovina Geographical Society”.
1.Associate Vice-Dean for International Cooperation, Science and Development , University of Mostar, Faculty of Science and Educations;_x000D_
2.Head of Department of Geography, Tourism and Environment, University of Mostar, Faculty of Science and Educations;_x000D_
3.University of Mostar Rector's award – highest honours student of generation (2003).
Organisation name
University of Mostar
Organisation street address
Matice Hrvatske bb
Organisation city
Organisation country
Bosnia and Herzegovina