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Independent experts nominated by country party

Muhammad Saleh Soomro

First name
Muhammad Saleh
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
UN languages spoken


Job function
Professor & Chairman
Department of Energy & Environment
Telephone number
92 2233 870 Ext 329
Work experience
1. Worked as: Agricultural Engineer (Local Consultant) on the Project Socio-Economic Survey of South Rohri Fresh Groundwater Project "Mechanization Phase" sponsored by Asian Dev. Bank._x000D_
2. Worked as Co-Principal Investigator on Project Drainage Design in Sindh sponsored by USAID._x000D_
3. Worked as Local Consultant on the Project. Tubewell monitoring and evaluation of South Rohri Fresh Groundwater Project PBME studies sponsored by ADB._x000D_
4. Had Practical Training on Data Processing and Computer Programming. Have good working knowledge of the softwares including Word Perfect, Lotus Applications, SPSS, Freelance Graphics, Paradox, etc.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
M.Sc. Hons. Agric. Engineering (Sindh), 1970._x000D_
M.Sc. Agricultural Engineering, Cranfield Institute of Technology (UK).
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Godwin R.J.; Spoor, G.; and M.S. Soomro, 1984, Effect of Tine Arrangement on Soil Forces and Disturbance, J. Agric. Engg. Research Vol. 30, N°1, pp:47-56._x000D_
2. Soomro, M.S.; Malik, R.J.; Mughal, A.Q. and G.A. Shah, 1985. A Mathematical Model to Predict Forces on Interferring Tillage Tools. Pak. J. AAEVS, Vol. 1, pp. 25-42._x000D_
3. Soomro, M.S.; Shah, G.A.; Bukhari, S.B.; and A.M. Chachv. Effect of tine spacing on the performance of tined cultivator. Pak. J. AAEVS, Vol. 1, N°2-4, pp. 121-126._x000D_
4. Memon, N.A.; Kege, E.; Soomro, M.S. and I.D.M. Koondhar 1985. Effect of compaction and subsequent tillage on soil water movement and yield. Pak. J. AAEVS, Vol. l, N°2-4, pp: 127-135.
Other activities
1. Life Member Pakistan Engineering Council._x000D_
2. Sr. Member Pakistan Society of Agric. Engineers._x000D_
3. Member Editorial Board of SAU Publication "Zavaat"._x000D_
4. Member Board of Studies and Board of Faculties._x000D_
5. Member Academic Council and Senate SAU.
1. Awarded Medal for Securing First-Position in First Degree Programme B.Sc. Hons. Agric. Engg. by Sindh University._x000D_
2. Awarded Merit Central Overseas Scholarship for Higher Studies abroad._x000D_
3. Elected as Member Syndicate (1990-1993).
Organisation name
Sindh Agriculture University
Organisation street address
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering_x000D_
Sindh Agricultural University
Organisation city
Tando Jam
Organisation country