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Independent experts nominated by country party

Nadir Mohamed Awad

First name
Nadir Mohamed
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Plant Science
Animal Science
UN languages spoken



Job function
Secretary General
Telephone number
249 784279
Work experience
As a member of the Council of the National Unit to combat desertification, contributed to the development of the 5 years programme to combat desertification, methodology to assess desertification - Has conducted research in wildlife in arid lands of the Sudan with evaluation of land use policy in arid lands. As secretary general of the Higher Council for environment is in charge of projects dealing with planning in the field of environment. Has contributed as a member in an NGO in public awareness campaigns related to desertification.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
B.Sc.(Hons.), Khartoum University Botany 1976_x000D_
M.Sc., Colorado State University, USA, Range Management 1982_x000D_
Ph.D., Colorado State University, USA, Wildlife/Range 1985
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. AWAD Nadir M. , 1993 - Sudan National Report: Biodiversity Sector IGAD Subregional Case Study for INCD_x000D_
2. HASSAN A. Abdel Ati and AWAD, N.M. 1996 - Environmental Planning in Sudan - Report for (OSSREA), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 49p_x000D_
3. AWAD et al, 1995 - Wildlife Habitat Assessment of Dinden National Park by Remote Sensing Techniques . Vol. (5) Pages 41-55. Proceedings of the 2nd Scientific Conference, Khartoum, Sudan._x000D_
4. Sahva M. Abdel Hamed, Nadir M. AWAD et al, 1997 - Watershed Management in Dinden National Park. Agricultural and Forestry Meteorology Journal Vol. 84 p.89-96.
Other activities
1. Member of Board of Directors: National Meteorological Cooperation_x000D_
2. Member of Board of Directors: Agricultural Research Corporation_x000D_
3. Member of the Executive Committee of the Sudanese Environmental Conservation Societies_x000D_
5. Member of the Sudanese Development Association
Member of the Board of Directors of the Forestry National Corporation_x000D_
Member of the Board of Directors of the National Council for Water Resources._x000D_
Member of the Board of Directors of the National Population Council
Organisation name
Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources
Organisation street address
P.O. Box 10488
Organisation city
Organisation country