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Independent experts nominated by country party

Peter Barnes

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Agricultural Sciences
Plant Science
UN languages spoken



Job function
Research Officer
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Telephone number
233 21 401 846
Work experience
Since 1991, I have been involved in evaluating and planting fodder trees, shrubs and vines both on-station and on-farm. In the process, I have had planted and introduced on various livestock farms perennial fodder trees which have been the source of feed for livestock. The initial part of the study on tree forages involved a survey of tree fodders in important livestock producing areas throughout the country especially in the guinea and coastal savanna zones. The study has culminated in the institute providing seeds and seedlings of trees like Milletia thonningii, Albizia lebbeck, Gmelina arborea Samanean saman, Gliricidia sepium, Lecaena leucocephala to livestock farmers
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
B.Sc., Agriculture, Grassland Husbandry, U.S.T. Kumasi, Ghana, 1978_x000D_
M.Sc., Agriculture, Tropical Pasture Agronomy, Queensland, Australia, 1984
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Barnes, P., 1995: Dry matter herbage productivity and aspects of chemical composition in four forage shrub legumes at a subhumid site in Ghana Agroforestry Systems, 31: 223-227, Kluwer Academic Publishers;_x000D_
2. Whiteman, P.C., Naing, S., and Barnes, P., 1984: Effect of temperature and day length on dry matter yield and flowering of two accessions of Cassia rotundifolia. Tropical Grasslands 18(4): 174-180. Grassland Society;_x000D_
3. Barnes, P., 1996: Dry matter production and chemical composition of introduced forages at two moist savanna sites in Ghana. Tropical Grasslands. 30, 418-421, Grassland Society;_x000D_
4. Barnes, P., and Addo-Kwafo, A., 1996: Evaluation of introduced forage accessions for fodder production at a subhumid site in Southern Ghana. Tropical Grasslands 30: 422-425, Grassland Society;_x000D_
5. Jones, R.J., and Barnes, P., 1996: In vitro digestibility assessment of tropical shrub legumes using rumen fluid or faecal fluid as the inoculum source. Tropical Grasslands 30, 422-425
Other activities
1. Member and participated in West and Central Africa Forage Evaluation Network, 1991-1995;_x000D_
2. Member of African Feed Resources Network. Attended 2nd Biennial Conference of the network in Harare, 6-10 December 1993;_x000D_
3. 1994 Stapledon Memorial Trust Travel Fellowship. Visited CSIRO Davies Laboratory, Townsville, Australia;_x000D_
4. Member of Ghana Society of Animal Production from 1992_x000D_
5. Member of Ghana Institute of Biology from 1995
Stapledon Memorial Travel Fellow (1994). Travel Fellowship for Grassland Scientists
Organisation name
Animal Research Institute
Organisation street address
P.O. Box 20
Organisation city
Organisation country