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Independent experts nominated by country party

Ping An

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
Agricultural Sciences
Thematic Areas
Sustainable agriculture
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Associate Professor
Telephone number
0081 857 233411
Work experience
1. Combating Desertification and Enhancing Rural Development in Inland of China (participant)_x000D_
Core University Program of Japanese Society for Promotion of Sciences. _________________ _x000D_
2. Synthetic Studies on Evaluation and Monitoring of Desertification (participant) _x000D_
Global Environment Research Fund G-2, Ministry of the Environment of Japan._x000D_
3. Improvement of Desert Environment/Refinement of Numerical Model and Technology of Global and Regional Water Cycle (participant) Man, Nature and Earth Co-existence Research Project, MEXT._x000D_
4. Selection of Halophytes with High Economic Value and Development of Cultivation Techniques Using Saline Water (participant), International joint research project of Tottori University._x000D_
Field investigation: plant distribution in semi-arid, arid and hyperarid areas of China. _x000D_
Practical experience: crop cultivation, investigation of the eco-physiology of plants _x000D_
Thematic areas: Salinization, Sustainable agriculture, Biomass
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
PhD, Crop physiology under saline conditions, Tottori University, 2002
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. An, P., Inanaga, S., Li, X.J., Eneji, A.E., Shimizu, H. and Zhu, N.W. 2005 Interactive effects of salinity and air humidity on two tomato cultivars differing in salt tolerance. Journal of Plant Nutrition, 28(3): 459-473._x000D_
2. Li, X.J., P. An, S.Inanaga, A.E. Enejin and K. Tanaka. 2006 Salinity and defoliation effects on soybean growth. Journal of Plant Nutrition. 29(8): 1499-1508._x000D_
3. An, P., S. Inanaga, N.W. Zhu, X.J. Li, H.M. Fadul and M. Mars. 2007 Plant species as indicators of the extent of desertification in four sandy rangelands. African Journal of Ecology. 45(1): 94-102._x000D_
4. An P, Li X, Zheng Y, Eneji A, Inanaga S. Calcium effects on root cell wall composition and ion contents in two soybean cultivars under salinity stress, Canadian Journal of Plant Science 94(3): 2014 (in press). _x000D_
5. An, P., T Inoue, T. Zheng, M., Eneji, A. E., Inanaga, S. 2014 Agriculture on the Loess Plateau. In: Restoration and Development of Degraded Loess Plateau, China, (Tsunekawa eds.), 61-74 Springer, Tokyo
Other activities
1. membership in Japanese Association for Arid land Studies;_x000D_
2. membership in Japanese Society of Sand Dune Research
Academy Award of Japanese Society of Root Research (2008)
Organisation name
Tottori University
Organisation street address
Organisation city
Organisation country