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Riccardo Biancalani

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Land Use Planning
Soil Science
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Geographical Focus
South Africa
Job function
Technical Officer
Land degradation, FAO
Work experience
After working several years in Africa and south America in development projects mostly based on natural resources management, since 2000 works at FAO on land resources inventories, assessment and land use planning. In particular working as technical advisor to the LADA project on the development of the methodology for assessing land degradation and sustainable land management. He has contributed to the development of the methodology at global, national and local level of assessment, participating in various meetings and workshop and coordinating the six national teams that participated in the LADA program. He provided guidance, training and technical advisory to partner countries and regional organizations, contributing to the analysis and processing of data and information on land resources. He provided key input in the realization of the first comprehensive global information system on land degradation (GLADIS) He participated in various meetings of UNCCD COP CRIC, CST. From 2010- 2011 participated in the meetings of the scientific panel for the implementation of the UNCCD impact indicators, which presented its work at COP10. He has been member of the organizing and scientific committees of the international conference on “advanced scientific tools for desertification policy” held at IFAD, Rome, in September 2010. Since 2012, works on the assessment of GHG emissions from degraded peatlands, in the context of the mitigation program of FAO.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
MD (Laurea),Tropical and subtropical agriculture,University of Florence, Italy,1988_x000D_
Post-graduate specialization,Problems of irrigated agriculture in arid and semiarid regions of developing countries,Agronomic Oversees Institute Florence Italy, 1989._x000D_
Post-graduate specialization,Agricultural policy analysis,Imperial College Univ. of London UK (Ext. Progr.), 2000
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1) F.N. Tubiello, M. Salvatore, R.D. Cóndor Golec, A. Ferrara, S. Rossi, R. Biancalani, S. Federici, H. Jacobs, A. Flammini (2014): Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use Emissions by Sources and Removals by Sinks - 1990 – 2011 Analysis. at:
2) Zucca, C., Biancalani, R., Kapur, S., Akça, E., Zdruli, P., Montanarella, L. and Nachtergaele, F. (2014): The role of soil information in Land Degradation and Desertification mapping - a review. In: Kapur S and Ersahin S. Soil Security for Ecosystem Management. Mediterranean Soil Ecosystems 1, The Springer Briefs_x000D_
3) Biancalani, M. Petri, S.E. Bunning, M Salvatore, F. N. Tubiello (2012) : The use of soil organic carbon as an indicator of soil degradation. Energia, Ambiente e Innovazione, 4/2012, Rome at:
4) H.P. Liniger, G. Van Lynden, R. Biancalani, L. Lindeque, D.S. Ndiaye, G. Schwilch (2013): Assessing and Mapping LD and SLM to Directly Support the Planning and Scaling Up of SLM Interventions to Combat Desertification. Extended abstract for the 2nd UNCCD Scientific Conference, Bonn_x000D_
5) F.O. Nachtergaele, M. Petri, & R. Biancalani, (2011). Land Degradation. In: Lal, R. & Stewart, B.A., World Soil Resources and Food Security Advances in Soil Sciences, Taylor and Francis, CRC Press – 574 pages. at: ://
Other activities
Member of the Italian Association of Pedologists_x000D_
Included in the roster of experts of the European Commission or agriculture and rural development since 1997;
Organisation name
Food and Agriculture Organization
Organisation street address
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00153, 00100
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