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Independent experts nominated by country party

Roberto Distel

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Animal Science
Plant Science
UN languages spoken



Geographical Focus
Job function
Universidad Nacional del Sur and CONICET
Telephone number
+54 291 4861666 Ext. 193
Work experience
Participant and advisory experience in project on soil and vegetation degradation in arid lands, arid land restoration, desertification and ecosystem processes, sustainable utilization of arid lands, livestock management in arid lands, sustainable grazing strategies for semi-arid rangelands, effects of climate change and grazing on vegetation in semiarid rangelands.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
PhD, Range ecology and management, Utah State University, 1990
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Distel, R.A. y F.D. Provenza. 1991. Experience early in life affects voluntary intake of blackbrush by goats. Journal of Chemical Ecology 17:431-450._x000D_
2. Distel, R.A., J.J. Villalba y H.E. Laborde. 1994. Effects of early experience on voluntary intake of low-quality roughage by sheep. Journal of Animal Science 72:1191-1195. _x000D_
3. Moretto, A.S. y R.A. Distel. 1997. Competitive interactions between palatable and unpalatable grasses native to a temperate semi-arid grassland of Argentina. Plant_x000D_
Ecology 130: 155-161._x000D_
4. Distel, R.A., P.M. Soca, M.W. Demment y E.A. Laca. 2004. Spatial-temporal arrangements of supplementation to modify selection of feeding sites by sheep. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 89: 59-70._x000D_
5. Distel, R.A., A.S. Moretto y N.G. Didoné. 2007. Regrowth capacity as related to defence strategy in two grasses native to semi-arid Argentina. Austral Ecology 32: 651-655.
Other activities
1. Argentina ecological society_x000D_
2. Argentina animal production society_x000D_
3. Society for range management_x000D_
4. Extension on arid and semiarid land management_x000D_
5. Range management consultant
1. Best undergraduate GPA, Agronomy Faculty, Univ. Nac de La Pampa, Argentina, 1979_x000D_
2. Don Dwyer Award for Excellence, Utah State University, 1991_x000D_
3. Certificate of Recognition, University of California-Davis, 2003
Organisation name
Universidad Nacional del Sur
Organisation street address
San Andrés 800, Altos del Palihue
Organisation city
Bahía Blanca
Organisation country