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Independent experts nominated by country party

Stella Maris Navone

First name
Stella Maris
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Agricultural Sciences
UN languages spoken




Geographical Focus
Job function
Professor, researcher, Director
Telephone number
54 11 4524-4028
Work experience
From 1981 up to the date, I have been working on research and extension activities related with_x000D_
land degradation, land use systems, climate change and remote sensing. I also have been working_x000D_
as consultant in programs and conventions of UN – FAO at national, regional, and international_x000D_
In 2006, I was part of the Global Desserts Outlook, as lead author of Chapter 3 and participating_x000D_
in Chapter 4. I also was part of many other activities related to the subject mentioned as expert_x000D_
for Latin America and Caribbean. In June 2009, I was one of the expounders in a Conference in_x000D_
High Mountain glacier in Tromso, Norway, referred to Climate Change._x000D_
Natural resources and remote sensing have been my professional and academic fields since I_x000D_
became an Agronomy Engineer
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Engineer, Agronomy, Buenos Aires_x000D_
University, 1981. Master Sciantae in Soil Science , Buenos Aires University. 1996_x000D_
-Magister Science in Soil, Buenos Aires University and INTA
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Stella Maris Navone, 2003, Remote sensing in Natural resources studies, 190 Pages, Editor_x000D_
EFA-ISBN 950-29-0736-1_x000D_
2. Stella Maris Navone; Hector G.Rosatto y Fernando Vilella (Coordinators), 2004, Remote_x000D_
sensing and GIS in Argentina Land degradation issues - Centro de Investigación y Aplicación a_x000D_
la Teledetección de la FAUBA, 178 pages, Editor EFA-ISBN 950-29-0806-6_x000D_
3. Stella M. Navone, Impacts and adaptation of climate change in livehood and food security can_x000D_
we act in time?, 2009, Proceeding of the Conference in High Mountain glacier-UNEP,GRIDArendal,_x000D_
Norwey, in press._x000D_
4. Navone, S.-Lead Author, 2007,Chapter 3 .- Land, Coordinator Lead Author: D. Dent -Global_x000D_
Environment Outlook 4- United Nations Environment Program-_x000D_
5. Stella M. Navone; Elena Abraham, 2006, Status and Trends of deserts-” in “Global Desert_x000D_
Outlook” –Chapter 4: State and trends of the World’s deserts, pages. 73-88, Editor_x000D_
:Environmental Program of the United Nations–UNEP
Other activities
1. Director of Remote Sensing Research and Application Center. CIATE. Facultad de_x000D_
Agronomía. Buenos Aires University._x000D_
2. Land degradation Assessment (LADA) national team –permanent national consultant and_x000D_
coordinator of Puna site_x000D_
3. Consultant of Land Degradation issues in Global Environmental Outlook 4. UNEP_x000D_
4. FAO/UNEP Invited expert. “Strategies for Global Land Cover Mapping and Monitoring”_x000D_
Workshop, Florencia, Italy, May 6 to May 8, 2002_x000D_
5. Invited by the Ministers of Environment representing FAUBA and LADA in_x000D_
“The fifth session of the CRIC” Buenos Aires, Argentina UNDC United_x000D_
Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. 12 to 21 March, 2007. UNCCD_x000D_
Developed by United Nations Conference on Desertification (UNCOD)
1. 1999. Selected by the "Citizen Ambassador program - People to People International” Argentinean expert in Soil science. Australia._x000D_
2. 1998. Selected by the "Citizen Ambassador program - People to People International” Argentinean expert in Soil science. South Africa._x000D_
3. 2002-Invited Expert representing Argentina for UN – FAO to “Expert Consultation on Strategies for Land Cover Mapping and Monitoring” reunion in Artimino, Italy
Organisation name
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Organisation street address
Av. San Martín 4453
Organisation city
Buenos Aires
Organisation country