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Independent experts nominated by country party

Takaaki Koganezawa

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Other Disciplines
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Miyagi University of Education
Telephone number
Work experience
1. Network in Asian NGO for CCD. Our NGO joined many meeting of CCD from 1996 in order to let Japanese people know the Reality of Desertification._x000D_
2. Research Project about Land degradation and Desertification in Inner Mongolia from 2001. The aim of Project is to research the role of agricultural policy for combating Desertification. We do research this with the member of Inner Mongolia Agricultural Uni. and Inner Mongolia Normal Uni._x000D_
3. Tohoku Global Seminar Project from 2003. The aim of this project is to let Japanese People in Tohoku area to understand UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. We hosted 10 seminar funded by Fund of Earth Environment and we invited many guests for this seminar, for example, Secretariat of CCD, United Nation Uni. etc.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
Master (Science) Tokyo Metropolitan University 1979;_x000D_
Doctor (Agriculture) Hokkaido University 1993.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. T.Koganezawa(1987) Recent changing pattern of Dekasegi seasonal migration in the South Yokote basin. Geographical Report No.22 pp85~93 Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.;_x000D_
2. T.Koganezawa(1995) The Changes of the Spatial Pattern of the Milk Distribution seen from the Market System. Bulletin of Miyagi University of Education Vol.30 pp.55~95 Miyagi University of Education;_x000D_
3. T.Koganezawa, Sudesqin(2002) Desertification as a Teaching Material for Environmental Education~ Land Degradation of Plains in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as an Example. Bulletin of Environmental Education Center. Miyagi Uni. of Education No.4 pp.51-57 Miyagi University of Education;_x000D_
4. T.Koganezawa,T.Aono,A.Wada,H.Naito(2002)The Dynamism of the Regional Employment Structure: A Case Study of Gunnai District, Yamnashi Prefecture. Annals of the Japan Association of Economic Geographers Vol.48 No.4 pp.19~32 The Japan association of Economic Geographers;_x000D_
5. K.Saijo T.Koganezawa Y.Hirabuki Wang Linhe Sudesqin K.Sakaida Y.Otsuki R.Sekine(2004) The Problem on Farming Land use in Marginal Area between Faming land and Grass Land under Desertification in Inner Mongolia, China. Bulletin of Miyagi University of Education Vol.38 pp.99~108, Miyagi University of Education.
Other activities
1. Guest Professor, United Nations University / Institute of Advanced Studies_x000D_
2. Delegate of E.P.F. Network, Japan (CCD registration NGO)_x000D_
3. Chairman of Forum of Environmental Education and learning in Sendai city hosted by Sendai city government_x000D_
4. Chairman of Food security meeting ,hosted by Miyagi local government _x000D_
5. Member of the Japan Society of Environmental Education
1. Board member of the Japan association of Economic Geographers_x000D_
2. Board member of the Tohoku Geographical Association
Organisation name
Miyagi University of Education
Organisation street address
149, Aramaki aza aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-0845
Organisation city
Organisation country