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Independent experts nominated by country party

Vanthong Phengvichith

First name
Last name
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Animal Science
Natural Resource Management
Rural Development
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Job function
Deputy Director General
National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI)
Telephone number
00 856 21770094
Work experience
1) Managing and coordinating all research programmes and projects implemented by different research centres under NAFRI to meet the NAFRI research strategic plan, and_x000D_
the outcome or impacts of research should contribute the medium and long term goals of MAF in food security, commercialised agriculture production, stabilised shifting cultivation and poverty alleviation, and sustainable of natural resources management._x000D_
2) Overseeing overall development and implementation of NAFRI programme of research, capacity building for planning and research management in NAFRI and research centres_x000D_
(11 research centres) to implement research programmes. Directly coordinating regional research programmes “Livestock-based farming systems in lower Mekong Basin_x000D_
(MEKARN) funded by Sida-SAREC”; Upland Research and Capacity development programme funded by Sida; Climate change adaptation research project funded byACIAR._x000D_
3) Cconsultant; Member of the World Bank team to examine the feasibility of an integrated rural development._x000D_
4) Overseeing financial management and other facilities of the country research programmes and projects which are listed above._x000D_
4) Developing collaborative research projects with national research institutions, research institutes such as_x000D_
universities and research institutes in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, CIAT, IWMI, CIRAD and CIFOR.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
1980 Bachelor of Animal Science, Agriculture College, Dresden, Germany; _x000D_
1990 Post graduate Diploma in Farming Systems, University of ueensland, Australia; _x000D_
1997 Master of Sciences in Agricultural Systems_x000D_
(Agricultural Planning and Management), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok,Thailand; _x000D_
2007: Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Sciences (Animal Nutrition and Management)
Publication titles
I. Phengvichith, V. and Ledin, I. 2006. Effect of feeding different levels of wilted cassava foliage (Manihot esculenta, Crantz) on the performance of growing goats. Small Ruminant Research (In press)._x000D_
II. Phengvichith, V. and Ledin, I. 2006. Effects of supplementing Gamba grass (Andropogon gayanus) with cassava (Manihot esculenta, Crantz) hay and cassava_x000D_
root chips on feed intake, digestibility and growth in goats. Asian-Australasian, Journal of Animal Sciences 20: 5, 725-732._x000D_
III. Phengvichith, V., Ledin, S., Horne, P. and Ledin, I. 2006. Effects of different fertilisers and harvest frequencies on foliage and tuber yield and chemical composition of foliage from two cassava (Manihot esculenta, Crantz) varieties. Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems 6, 177-187._x000D_
IV. Phengvichith, V. and Ledin, I. 2007. Effect of a diet high in energy and protein on growth, carcase characteristics and parasite resistance in goats. Tropical Animal Health and Production 39, 59-70.
Other activities
1) Consultancy on sustainable agricultural development in 57 impact villages of Theun-Hinboun Power Company (THPC), Lao PDR that aimed to optimise crop and livestock productivity that ensure improving livelihoods of affected villagers by the project, and in order to meet the Environmental Management Division (EMD) of THPC’s mitigation and compensation plans._x000D_
2) Consutlancy: member of multi-internationally and nterdisciplinary team of the FAO._x000D_
3) Consultancy; Member of the World Bank team to examine the feasibility of an integrated rural development in three northern provinces of Laos.
2010: Silver medal for best researcher awarded by the Government of Laos
Organisation name
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Organisation street address
P.O Box 7170
Organisation city
Vientiane Capital
Organisation country
Lao People's Democratic Republic