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Independent experts nominated by country party

Viatcheslav Rakovitch

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Soil Science
UN languages spoken



Job function
Senior researcher
Institute for Problems of Use of Natural Resources & Ecology
Telephone number
375 017 2464140
Work experience
- DAAD, restoration of fens in eastern and central Europe, Germany, 1997._x000D_
- Darvin initiative, peatland biodiversity programme, Scotland, 1999._x000D_
- National Report for the Republic of Belarus for Central European peatland project (CEPP) in 2000._x000D_
- First stage of national wetlands inventory in the Republic of Belarus, 2002._x000D_
- First National communication in response to Belarus commitments under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, 2003._x000D_
- Central European Peatlands: development of measures for conservation and sustainable use of peatlands in Belarussian Polesie, 2004.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Bambalov N.N., Belenky S.G., Rakovich V.A., Smirnova V.A., Shishko A.A. and Dvorak L.E., 1997. "Mires of the Belovegskaja Pushcha nature reserve and its buffer zone." Belovegskaja Pushcha forest biodiversity conservation, Minsk, pp. 100-112._x000D_
2. Smirnova V.A., Bambalov N.N., Belenky S.G., Rakovich V.A., 1999. "Problemy aktywnej ochrony ekosistemow wodnych i torfowiskowych w polskich parkach narodowych." Lublin, pp. 65-67._x000D_
3. Bambalov N.N., Tanovitsky I., Rakovich V.A., Selivonchik T. and Molokova N., 2000. "Problems of ecological rehabilitation of lake-mire complexes." Acta Agrophysica, N°26, Lublin, Poland, pp. 285-299._x000D_
4. Rakovich V.A., Kukharchyk T., 2003. "Peatlands in central and eastern Europe: status and conservation." Belarus, Sharing expertise for the conservation of peatlands in central and eastern Europe, edited by Olivai Bragg, pp. 50-54._x000D_
5. BPodoliako V., Bambalov N.N., Rakovich V.A., and oth., 2003. "Environment friendly use of forest and wetland ecosystems." Bielorussia, Minsk, 190 p.
Other activities
1. International mire conservation group._x000D_
2. Interdisciplinary working group on problems of peatlands in Belarus.
Organisation name
National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Organisation street address
10 Starborisovsky Trakt, 220114
Organisation city
Organisation country