Date of Ratification
Annex V: Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

National Focal Points

National Action Programmes

Voluntary LDN Targets (Optional)

National voluntary LDN targets (original language)

Achievement of land degradation neutrality:
• Share of environment-stabilizing land types (natural meadows, forest land, woodlands and forest plantations, bogs and land of water bodies): at least 57 % of the national territory by 2020; at least 60 % of the national territory by 2030;
• Area of ecologically rehabilitated depleted peat fields and disturbed bogs: at least 55,000 ha by 2020; at least 60,000 ha by 2030;
• Area of land affected water and/or wind erosion: no more than 550,000 ha by 2020; no more than 550,000 ha by 2030.

*An unofficial translation into English is provided for countries which articulated their targets in other languages.
  • Belarus - LDN Country Profile, 2018, English
  • Belarus - LDN TSP Country Report, 2015, English

Country reports