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Independent experts nominated by country party

Yoko Ozeki

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Agricultural Sciences
UN languages spoken


Telephone number
81 90 294-9280
Work experience
5/2000, Work as regesglier with PELUM Zimbabwe (local NCD/CVD network on PELUM-Participatory Ecological Land se Management on seeking for alternative market for communal farmer in Zimbabwe in line with Particpatory Ecological Land use management of PELUM and Indigenous knowledge system (IKS),(Zimbabwe)_x000D_
3/2000 -7/1993: Work as Vice President March 2000 - April (1999) Secretary General (March 1999-July 1993) of Africa Japan forum (AJF) and Japanese Network NGO,
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
1982, BA. English Leterature, Aromi Women's University
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Author: And Sudies 2000,atlas, "Viewpoint from Discussion of African NGO's" Journal of and Land Studies 0-1, 16-20 (2000), 5 pages (PI6-P20) Tokyo_x000D_
2. Author: Association for International Cooperation of Agricultue & Forestry, 1996, title "Zimbabwe's Agriculture and Farmers' efforts of Development", AICAF's Bimonthly Bulletin Vol. 19, No.1 8 pages (P24-P31) Tokyo_x000D_
3. Author (editor) None UMHASII/Chiniro Saito, 1998 title: Chapter 9: NGOs in Africa", Hand Book NGO, 13 pages (199-P212), publisher; Akashi-shoten, Tokyo,_x000D_
4. Author: IDE-JETRO Institute of Developing Economes, 1999, title: Unfuffiled Expectations on TICADII, vies of an NGO observer" Africa Report, No.28 4pages(P6-P9), Tokyo_x000D_
5. Author: The Foundation for Earth Environment 1995-1997, title: "senes of essay, Real Faces of Africa (Sugge-no-africa Kenbunroku) Earthian "INCD, 1995-9, 1995-10, 1995-11, 1995-12, 1996-1, 1996-2, 1996-3, 1996-4, 1996-5, 1996-5, 1996-6, 1996-7, 1996-8, 1996-9, 1996-10,1996-11, 1996-12,1997-1, 199
Organisation street address
3-34-34, Kami-Ishiwara Chofu-shi,, 182-0035
Organisation city
Organisation country