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Independent experts nominated by country party

Sabrija Čadro

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Discipline of Expertise
Agricultural sciences
Information technologies (including remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS))
Meteorological sciences
Soil science
Other Disciplines
Integrated natural resource management
Thematic Areas
Climate change
Climate variability
Disaster risk management
Environmental degradation
Environmental impact assessment
Environmental monitoring
Extreme events
Integrated water resources management
Land cover change
Land degradation
Monitoring and assessment
Remote sensing
Soil conservation
Soil degradation
Sustainable land management
Water conservation
UN languages spoken


Geographical Focus
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Job function
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Telephone number
Work experience
Sabrija Čadro, PhD thesis “Development and application of software models for sustainable water management and increase of productivity of agricultural crops in BiH” closely relates to climate change, climate smart agriculture, sustainable agricultural water management and use of remote sensing and IT in agriculture. Experience in number of international projects such as: Erasmus+ BUGI - Western Balkans Urban Agriculture Initiative; HARISA - CBHE Harmonization and Innovation in PhD Study Programs for Plant Health in Sustainable Agriculture; Challenge to Change programme: ONOFF AGRO - Online development platform for creation and realization of innovative solutions in the framework of agroecosystems. TEMPUS IV Project: Lifelong Learning for sustainable agriculture in Alps-Danube - Adriatic region. Also as a project coordinator leading following projects: Trailling Renewable Energy For Greenhouses (Caritas Switzerland in BiH); Also as a project coordinator leading following projects: Trailling Renewable Energy For Greenhouses (Caritas Switzerland in BiH); As a result of these projects, practical experience was gained in sustainable agriculture, especially the impact of climate change, drought and natural resource management (soil and water),
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
PhD in Agriculture Sciences, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science, 2019
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Čadro, S., Uzunović, M., Žurovec, J., Žurovec, O. (2017) Validation and calibration of various reference evapotranspiration alternative methods under the climate conditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina International Soil and Water Conservation Research. Volume 5, Issue 4, Pages 309-324
2. Zurovec, O., Čadro, S., Situala, B. (2017) Quantitative Assessment of Vulnerability to Climate Change in Rural Municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sustainability 2017, 9, 1208; doi: 10.3390/su9071208.
3. Čadro, S., Miseckaite, O., Gavrić, T., Baublys, R., & Žurovec, J. (2018) Impact of Climate Change on the Annual Water Balance in a Humid Climate Agriculture & Forestry, Vol. 64, 129-143.
4. Čadro, S., Cherni-Cadro, S., Markovic, M., & Zurovec, J. (2019) A reference evapotranspiration map for Bosnia and Herzegovina. International Soil and Water Conservation Research, 7(1), 89-101. doi: 10.1016/j.iswcr.2018.11.002
5. Kaloper, S. E., Čadro, S., Uzunović, M., Cherni-Čadro, S. (2020) Determination of erosion intensity in Brka watershed, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Agriculture and Forestry, 66 (2): 79-92.

Other activities
- Consultant/Specialist Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Caritas Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
- Organisator of CATCHaCORN competition.
- Special Issue editor MDPI land "Tillage Methods on Soil Properties and Crop Growth".
- Member of The European Drought Centre (EDC)
- Member of the expert team at company diVision Agro: soil and water management expert Sarajevo
Organisation name
University of Sarajevo
Organisation street address
Zmaja od Bosne 8
Organisation city
Organisation post code
Organisation country
Bosnia and Herzegovina