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Pablo VIEGAS AURELIO is technical advisor for the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina. He graduated in law and postgraduate in business and agribusiness law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Since 2001 he has worked on the subject of soil degradation and the fight against desertification, and as the UNCCD Focal Point and national representative for the UNCCD. 

Pablo has coordinated many projects on sustainable land management supported by UN and national and  international agencies, contributed to technical activities of the National Directorate of Land Planning and Combat Desertification, and the decentralization process of the NAP and the installation of Provincial Programs.

He also contributed to the formulation and alignment of the Argentina National Strategy and Action Plan for Combating Desertification 2030.

He teaches and collaborates on different undergraduate and graduate courses related to the subject, and has contributed to many publications and technical collaboration processes relevant to combating desertification, such as  “Revolving Funds, A Tool To Combat Desertification And Eradicate Poverty In Argentina”; Evaluation of Desertification in Argentina SAyDS / FAO, Land Degradation in Dry Areas and Identification of Sustainable Management Practices Recommended in Argentina SAyDS / FAO, Digital Newspaper of the NAP, and the project “The Assessment of land degradation in different climate change scenarios”.

He was Focal Point of Mercosur on the subject since 2005.

Pablo Aurelio