Date of Ratification
Annex III: Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

Science and Technology Correspondents

UNCCD Accredited CSOs

National Action Programmes

  • Barbados - National Action Programme, 2001, English

Voluntary LDN Targets (Optional)

National voluntary LDN targets (original language)

LDN at the national scale:

  • LDN is achieved by 2030, relative to the 2019 baseline

LDN at the sub-national scale:

  • By 2030, the area of land in the National Park and across the System of Parks and Open Spaces experiencing improvement has increased by 5 % relative to the 2019 baseline
  • By 2030, and relative to the 2019 baseline, LDN is achieved for land within food and agriculture protection layers as designated in the draft 2017 PDP Amendment
  • By 2030, the extent of tree-covered areas in the Barbados National Park has increased by 10 % relative to the 2019 baseline

Specific targets to avoid, minimise and reverse land degradation:

  • By 2030, land productivity in all croplands is either stable or increasing relative to the 2019 baseline
  • By 2030, at least 10 % of grassland areas (as per the 2019 baseline) have experienced positive land-cover transformation to either croplands or tree-covered areas
*An unofficial translation into English is provided for countries which articulated their targets in other languages.
  • Barbados - LDN TSP Country Report, 2023, English

Country reports