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Voluntary LDN Targets (Optional)

National voluntary LDN targets (original language)

• Target 1. By 2030, forest cover will be increased to 47% of the total land area (the most recent baseline figure for forest cover is 82,198 sq. km equaling 45.26% of total land cover, as of 2016). This will require an additional gain in forest cover area of about 3,157 sq. km.
• Target 2. By 2030, increase in agricultural growth by 5% per annum as compared to 3% in 2016 (ASDP 2014-2018).
• Target 3. By 2030, soil organic carbon (SOC) stock in forest and cropland will be increased by 1.2% per year as compared to 2015.
• Target 4. By 2030, ecosystems and their services are maintained and enhanced by establishing 23,500 sq. km of protected forest and 3,900 sq. km of production forest; and restoring at least 8% of degraded and depressed protected areas, conservation areas, agroecosystems and forest ecosystems including mangroves. The enhanced ecosystem services are particularly for women, elders and children in local communities and indigenous ethnic minority groups.

*An unofficial translation into English is provided for countries which articulated their targets in other languages.
  • Cambodia - LDN Country Commitments, 2018, English
  • Cambodia - LDN Country Profile, 2018, English
  • Cambodia - LDN TSP Country Report, 2018, English

National Drought Plans

  • Cambodia - National Drought Plan, 2020, English

Country reports