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Le CARI (Centre d'actions et de Realisations Internationales)

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food security
natural resources management
land degradation
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12 Rue du Courreau
34380 Viols-le-Fort


At the lowest level

CARI works to increase the acting power of local producers by promoting local farming. 
Its actions are inspired by traditional local practices and aim to improve them and their surrounding networks. These actions focus especially on the implementation of thrifty and autonomous techniques put forward in organic farming or agroecology.

These simple and inexpensive methods are perfectly adapted to small producers who are both the most and the more often the most productive.

At its highest level

CARI works towards the recognition of the specific issues such as :

  • the lands degradation control (or desertification) in arid areas
  • or in protecting the oasis ecosystems
  • in order to bring about public policies toward local populations 
    To accomplish this, CARI collaborates with many French and international partners, makes consultation and exchange between the various actors (NGOs, scientists, public authorities, companies....) easier, and spreadsthe information within the various networks which it leads or at which it participates in.