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The way we produce our food and the other goods we consume has changed significantly in the past few decades. Industrialized and globalized production systems have made those goods and food supplies appear plentiful and cheap across the globe, feeding and providing for millions. This, however, has come at a great cost with rates of land degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change, driven by unsustainable production practices, now posing a severe threat to economic systems and whole societies. There is a pressing need to transform our production and consumption systems to make sure that they, and the ecosystems on which they rely, are resilient and future-proof.

Developing this foresight and investing in the protection, sustainable management and restoration of land accordingly could help communities and Parties to the UNCCD to build a just and sustainable economic transition able to withstand the impacts of climate change while furthering human development.

During this interactive dialogue, high level policy-makers and business executives will focus on the idea of future-proofing land use. This will highlight both the threat and opportunities faced globally by our productive capacities. Participants will explore ways of ensuring that the shifting and evolving patterns of production and consumption do not further drive land degradation but instead benefit people and the planet.