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Roundtable 2​ - Land restoration: A path to sustainable post-pandemic recovery​

Land restoration is a proven and cost-effective solution capable of reducing and reversing land degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss while lowering the risk, scale, frequency, and intensity of disasters. When done the right way, restoration projects and programmes can have long-term multiplier effects that stabilize and strengthen rural economies and contribute to wider regional development. To realize the promise of the land restoration agenda, decisive action at all levels – from all actors – is crucial. The UNCCD, along with many global partners and initiatives is championing the land restoration agenda, assisting in partnership-building and cooperation to build, scale and deliver the levels of human, social and financial capital needed to transform land use systems and restore critical natural capital.

During this high-level round table, Ministers will have the opportunity to discuss and showcase a wide range of restoration strategies and regenerative practices which can be tailored to local contexts and replicated at multiple scales to initiate an inclusive green recovery and boost resilience.