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SDS-WAS Dust Surface Concentration

Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System

The SDS-WAS, as an international framework linking institutions involved in SDS research, operations and delivery of services, addresses the following objectives:

  • Provide user communities access to forecasts, observations and information of the SDS through regional centres connected to the WMO Information System (WIS) and the World Wide Web.
  • Identify and improve SDS products through consultation with the operational and user communities
  • Enhance operational SDS forecasts through technology transfer from research
  • Improve forecasting and observation technology through coordinated international research and assessment
  • Build capacity of relevant countries to utilize SDS observations, forecasts and analysis products for meeting societal needs
  • Build bridges between SDS-WAS and other communities conducting aerosol related studies (air quality, biomass burning, etc.)

The World Meteorological Organization has currently four regional SDS-WAS nodes and centres providing dust regional forecast:

The WMO SDS-WAS is a global system providing observations, modeling and forecasting of sand and dust storms events. Find out how this system works in SDS Compendium Chapter 10.