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Special and side events

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working closely with the secretariat and numerous partners to deliver an ambitious Action Agenda that will include thematic days to raise awareness on the potential of transformative solutions: 

  • 4 December: Land Day emphasizes the importance of healthy land in alleviating poverty, creating jobs and combating climate change. By focusing on the healthy land as a keystone of for healthy economies, healthy societies and healthy planet, Land Day seeks to accelerate action and increase ambition to restore degraded land and promote sustainable land management. It will focus on three key areas: promoting nature-based solutions, showcasing successful land restoration projects and mobilizing the private sector through the Business for Land initiative.
  • 5 December 2024: Agri-food System Day is designed to promote sustainable land management and agricultural practices that guarantee healthy soils, resilient crops and nutritious food, while protecting land, water and biodiversity and restoring degraded ecosystems. It will also address the importance of private sector engagement in the food systems transformation, showcase transformative pathways to reducing social and gender inequalities and address the issue of combating food loss and food waste to reduce pressure on land.
  • 6 December 2024: Governance Day will focus on enhancing inclusive, equitable, and responsible land governance that leaves no one behind highlighting good practices and lessons learned from around the world. Three major topics will underpin the events of the day: land tenure, integrated land use planning and urban-rural linkages. The main objectives of the day include knowledge exchange and awareness raising, legal and policy frameworks, as well as partnership building and resource mobilization.
  • 7 December 2024: People's Day will offer the opportunity to non-state actors to present their initiatives and ideas that can contribute to the implementation of the Convention and to the negotiation agenda of the COP16. Focusing on the role of the youth, women, local governments, farmers and civil society, the key events of the day – including Gender Caucus, Young Land Negotiators Programme and Indigenous Peoples Platform – will bring to light the elements that can help put people at the center of the COP decision-making process.
  • 9 December 2024: Science, Technology and Innovation Day is designed to catalyze scientific and technological innovation for land's health and the resilience of communities and ecosystems. By accelerating the flow of relevant science into policy, practice and communication by engaging academia, data providers and analysts, civil society organizations and governments, it aims to raise ambition for science, technology and innovation, engage a new generation of scientists and bring more focus to Earth intelligence for healthy land and drought resilience.
  • 10 December 2024: Resilience Day aims to address the critical issues of building planetary and societal resilience in the face of a changing climate and advancing land degradation, droughts and sand and dust storms. The day will launch an interdisciplinary dialogue on resilience policies, practices and technologies, drawing on real-world experiences from the public, private and social sectors, and showcasing innovative and emerging solutions to advance global commitments and collaboration, promote early warning systems, showcase actionable resilience strategies and champion transformative resilience pathways, especially for the most vulnerable countries and communities.  
  • 11 December: Finance Day is designed to help mainstream and engage finance stakeholders – ministries of finance, financial Institutions, donor agencies and investment funds – raising awareness about the needs, gaps and opportunities for financing the land and drought resilience agenda, showcase successful and innovative financial mechanisms and tools and leverage effective partnerships to mobilize new financing opportunities for flagship initiatives.